Zander Jewelry

Zander Jewelry is celebrating over 50 years in the jewelry business!

Founded in 1952

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50 years
of quality service
in the jewelry business

Zander is a third-generation family owned and operated jewelry business based out of the greater St. Charles, Missouri region.

Zander is one of the few retailers in the region who has earned this mark of professional excellence. Zander offers all of the sub-components that make up a finished piece of jewelry.


GIA Certified Appraisal
Custom Design
Jewelry and Watch Repair (Rolex)

A New Logo with an Long History

We are excited to unveil our new logo, an emblem that beautifully marries our storied past with our dynamic future. 

To begin, the letters WAZ, represent my grandfather and his logo, that he crafted back in the early 1900’s in St Louis Missouri.

Encircled within a ring, it represents the continuity and strength of our family’s legacy, in the jewelry industry, which dates back almost a century.

Zander Jewelry was voted Best of St. Charles by the St. Louis Post Dispatch

The 4 C's of Diamonds



Gemstones &

Diamond Clarity

Gemstones &




The most prestigious gemology school in the United States is the Gemological Institute of America, better known as the “GIA”. With two major campus locations are in New York, New York and Carlsbad, CA, the organization offers a large number of courses ranging from jewelry repair, business, and the highly sought after Gemologist Degree.

To become a GIA Graduate Gemologist, “GG”, one is required to excel in several courses ranging in both diamonds and colored stones. The final examination is comprised of a highly thorough, written examination and a gem identification test which must be passed to become a GG.

In today’s world of jewelry retailers, buyers, and sellers the GIA Graduate Gemologist Degree stands as a benchmark of professional integrity and competency. This internationally recognized degree qualifies those whom have received it as fully knowledgeable of diamonds, diamond grading, and gem identification. We know how important this purchase is for you, and that’s why we only want to provide the best.

Zander’s is one of the few retailers in the region who has earned this mark of professional excellence.

Zander's Jewlery